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December 28, 2014


WinZip is a very well known shareware archiver for files and Windows compressor, but also it is suitable for other operational systems like iOS, OS X and even for Android. Its developer is now WinZip Computing but previously was known as Nico Mak Computing. The main feature of this program is to create file archives in obviously Zip format, yet this application possesses some kind of support regarding some other archiving formats. The very first release of this archiving program was in April of 1991, but that time it had graphical UI front-end meant for the PKZIP. Just in a …continue reading

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security is considered as really great application by many users in numerous countries. It offers various features and characteristics that may help to protect user’s personal computer. In fact it was proven that Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security application has good results and scores regarding blocking of any malware programs. Also it has ability to identify and detect various phishing programs and spam with high level of accuracy. This application offers special firewall booster that may make usual Windows Firewall much stronger and more effective. It helps users to check links and privacy settings of different …continue reading


Skype is no doubt one of the most usable application of its kind all around the globe at the current moment. It helps users to be connected with friends and beloved once no matter how big the distance between them. Simply Skype is free software of premium class offering voice-over-the-IP service. Also it can be considered as application for the instant messages. It was developed by Microsoft, in particular, by its Skype Division. The very first edition was presented more than ten years ago in summer of 2014, its creators were Janus Friis from Denmark together with Niklas Zennstroem from …continue reading

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition

Have you ever heard about such antivirus as Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition? If not, then you may start to look up for it. This security application does not only have very small size thus is being known as lightweight antivirus, but it also is able to identify and detect spyware, malware and various viruses at a very high level of accuracy. However this application does not clog the operational system it is defending. And this is really rare and great feature. Usually today most of solutions made purposely for the cloud-based technologies could be found easily in such categories …continue reading


The applicattion mHotspot is totally free for downloading from the official website of its developer or from any other trusted specialized web pages. Since this program belongs to freeware then unfortunately it is ad-supported. Also it is available only in English language for the moment, but application is suitable for the following operational systems: Windows 7/8, Windows Vista, Windows XP. The latest edition was launched in February of current 2014 year. In fact this application could be found in the category of WiFi software.What does it mean for you? To put it simply you may turn tablet, laptop, or desktop …continue reading


mIRC is just another Internet Relay Chat client made purposely for the Windows. Its first version was developed more than a decade ago, back in 1995 by Khaleed Mardam-Bey. Even though this IRC client possesses utility of usual chat with full functionality, the same time this application has integrated scripting language which helps in making it versatile and very extensible. Since its first appearance and for many years this program has been called among the most interesting and popular Windows-IRC-clients in the market. So far, claims are telling us that by now the number of downloads has reached almost forty …continue reading

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ultimate Vice City Mod

Probably Grand Theft Auto is the most popular game nowadays, or at least among such games, for sure. Just ask any average guy outside and most likely he knows what is it or maybe he is even an avid gamer. So, what really Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ultimate Vice City Mod is? The latest version of this game mod has not really big size, even less than 200 mega bites, it was presented in 2012. Since then its popularity is steadily growing. If anyone would like to play this particular mod, then there is no difficulties: just go to …continue reading

YouTube Downloader

At the current moment there are many various – good or not so good downloaders made purposely for such service as YouTube. The one we suggest you to pay attention to is YouTube Downloader by FDRLab corporation. Luckily for users this rogram is distributed free, so anyone can just get either from the official web page of developer or from other trusted open sources. This application is less than ten mega bites and suitable for following operational systems: Windows 7/8, Windows 7/8/ 64 bit, Windows Vista & Vista 64 bit, Windows XP and Windows 2003. Due to the free distribution …continue reading


What do you think PhotoScape is? Is it some kind of editing program? Or maybe it is sort of application to take pictures? Well, the guess is correct, this particular application is meant to edit chosen pictures of yours. So far this program has been launched in a few editions, but the original version was developed by Korean company MOOII Tech in past 2008, the latest stable edition was presented in July last year. The application itself is made in English language and meant for such operational systems as NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7/8 and OS X. That …continue reading

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is so popular nowadays that there is probably no one who has no clue what is that application for. To put it simply in case you are that rare one: Google Chrome is great free web browsing application. As it is obvious it was created by corporation Google. For that developers have used such layout engine as WebKit since original first version up to 27th version, yet there are few exceptions were made for the iOS editions. Since 28th version developers have been using WebKit fork Blink. The first time it was presented as beta-version exclusively for Windows …continue reading

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