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July 23, 2014


PrimoPDF was developed as another freeware applications a freeware program which enables users to create specific files of PDF format directly from the Windows documents located on the user’s or laptop. Great news is that program will not give users a headache with any commercial advertisements. Meanwhile application utilizes such network as Open candy and that means due to the servicing terms it might use particular network data to make a recommendations regarding some software that could be useful for the user. The developer of PrimoPDF is the same which created commercial amazing software known as NitroPDF. For proper functioning …continue reading

Spybot – Search & Destroy

Spybot Search & Destroy, or simply Spybot S&D is a smart application that was created purposely to find and remove any known to date adware and spyware from user’s computer. This particular application is compatible with Windows 95 and all its later versions. The main work this program does is scanning the user’s computer, particularly its hard disc and RAM to identify any known malicious software with following removal. German native Patrick-Michael Kolla is the developer of Spybot S&D, but program was launched by Safer-Networking Ltd. The very first steps in developing directions have started in 2000, and it was …continue reading


RoboForm is yet another great application that definitely should be added to users’ list of free downloading programs. This application is kind of passwords manager cum internet forms filling utility which aim is to enter the passwords automatically as well as filling different forms while being online. The program was created by corporation Siber Systems for numerous modern web browsers like Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome Trident-based web browsers including famous IE. Also support for Android and iOS as well as WinSiber Systemsdown Phone was made available, too. Just recently this password managing program got few professional awards among …continue reading


SlimDrivers is one of the really popular and great utility program to date. Because of being freely distributed this application supports some commercial advertisements. Although it is suitable for any of Windows editions this particular utility application is quite lightweight having 838 kilo bite only. This software was developed as an effective solution providing full and real control over the drivers that have been installed by users. Furthermore this application contains such smart tools so that any of those system drivers will be updated automatically according to all affordable open-source latest editions. Yet before performing any action this particular utility …continue reading


UMPlayer is just another good and reliable multimedia player that could be useful and helpful for anyone. It was developed with the thought to fulfill all possible user’s needs as it provides more than 270 audio and video codecs which are built-in already, so briefly speaking user may play any formats of desired files. Surely we all play various media files from time to time, therefore we need a good application that will definitely support numerous formats. The same time this particular program has such features as different integrated audio codecs and video codecs. All those functions are put together …continue reading


Oh well, there is another free download so called converter which can be used for photos, video/audio files, and its name is FormatFactory. The name surely talks for itself. The great news is that application supports wide format range as for ripping so as for encoding. The latest edition of it provides better options like possible converting one chosen file or the whole desired folder full of files. Initially program was developed for portable small devices to ease the process of creating both, audio alongside with video files so to play them later on android based mobile phone, smartphone, and …continue reading

Any Video Converter Freeware (90%)

Any Video Converter in its latest free edition is such a kind of application someone urgently might need just perform conversion of chosen files stored on computer or internet into desired formats. This excellent and really useful converting and even all-in-one tool offer friendly intuitive graphical interface which is indeed easy usable. The offered converting speed is amazingly fast, so after work is done users as expected will get video file having wonderfully quality of the highest level. Such converting application helps users to perform conversion of desired videofiles without doing big efforts. This program possesses an ability to convert …continue reading

Download Torrents – uTorrent

By today probably almost everyone knows what is uTorrent, famous downloading application, or simply free BitTorrent client with some ads support though. This application is owned by corporation BitTorrent. To date this close source client is the most popular and the most usable all around the world apart from China. Since uTorrent has relatively small memory footprints that is why “u” in its prefix means “micro” thus describes its main feature. This program is great because it uses minimum of user’s desktop, laptop or tablet resources but the same time however it still offers almost the same level of comparable …continue reading

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

What is MiniTool Partition Wizard, do you know? Well, let’s start from the point that it is a very good solution for you which is distributed freely on various sources. It is suitable for Windows only but few of its editions including Windows XP, Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7/8. Basically this is free download partition managing application which was created by well known company MiniTool Solution Ltd. It is able to support as 32 bit as 64 bit Windows versions. Application allows its user to make some kind of quite complex partition operations with the help of very …continue reading


IrfanView is a new wonderful product distributed around free of charge and that means you may DOWNLOAD it free from just anywhere in the internet. This program is a kind of simple application for Windows which helps you to view different images. You can find it in the download area defined as graphic viewer. This innovative product is surprisingly small, compact and very fast. Good news that this free viewer can support numerous file formats with additional support for various world languages. Its options include preview and thumbnail along with slideshow, with latter you are able to save files in EXE/CRC …continue reading

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