9 0 27-02-2017
  1. FULL VIDEO is already on YouTube, just click the link in my bio or follow this one: https://youtu.be/JxNtLiHGoPM Yeah, Instagram sound quality is a HUGE disappointment (mono channel with 96 kbps in 2017, just wow), but I have to live with this 🙃 Hey Stoopid is one of those songs, about which I can say: "yes, this is how it all started." It was 2007, the beginning of my passion for rock music, I was listening to the album Hey Stoopid and I'm pretty sure that this album would not be so cool without this title track. Everything about this song is just perfect: one of the best verses in music (this is an example how to make this part of the song to sound awesome), catchy chorus and a great solo - actually, it's one of the best Slash’s solos of all time. And now after all these years, I can play this song and I feel like that I’m part of the band. In fact, if someone told me that 10 years ago, I would not believe it at all. #alicecooper #guitar #гитара #guitarra #bass #bassguitar #ibanez #electricguitar #fender #gibson #line6 #focusrite #elixirstrings